Sunday, August 25, 2013

this week

Mr T enjoying a meat bagel sandwich. They were great!

We'll definitely do them again. Every other week or so, I imagine. Highly recommend if you are allergic to gluten or are grain-free or whatever. Recipe here.

Cabbage on the grill - delicious! This was made right after bacon, and I drizzled over a little extra bacon fat to cook it. So good.

The bases for these blueberry tarts! Instead of coconut flour I used 1 scant cup ground pecans, and instead of arrowroot powder I used 1/4 c white rice flour.

Aren't they pretty!? Even with an ugly cookie sheet under them! Next time I will omit the salt in the blueberry mixture though. Really unecessary.

This week's menu. I am stuck about Sunday lunch. Any ideas? Cheap and yummy please. Make-in-advance okay.
Also, no picture for this, but I hosted an ice cream party/workshop this week with a couple of friends. It was fun. Making ice cream from coconut bars is so dead easy. We did straight vanilla, then carob & cinnamon. Delish. I have been very into adding extra coconut oil when making an egg-free ice cream, whether with dairy or coconut milk, but we're out now, and it was really fine. It was a fun day and was a very perfect sort of party to have near the end of the summer.


  1. Sunday: Ground beef and eggplant casserole? Eggplants have been expensive in Montreal the last time I checked, but they easily get discounted if they're a bit bruised.

  2. Ok question: I remember asking u this before, but white rice flour is just ground rice, right? I can grind the grains in my coffee grinder? (shhh dont tell Tony)