Monday, August 12, 2013

getting organized

our compost is so so so full. we've been putting off buying another bin but it's pretty absurd. (we have a second one but it's full of more-mature compost; we'd been rotating the two but we might have to add a third in.)

Tony got me a new dress! The LG connection is minimal, I guess, but this was taken in the garden, at wine & dessert time, so yknow, whatever.

the light and shadows on the laundry were so beautiful.


my tea cabinet. just in case you were always curious.
Okay, this is what this post was really about! with Ambrose at preschool now I have found that I am actually able to do things like a meal plan again. Having it on the board, in the main activity center of the house, is really excellent for me to plan and ponder and rework as necessary. So I thought each week I'll take a picture of what the menu has and maybe talk about what we're eating, or you can suggest things, or just to serve as a reminder for me. I write it out Sunday evening, then I do the shopping Monday, so I flesh it out a bit more after that. Good times.


  1. I love you! Love the dress too--hey, beautiful summer fashion and summer produce = beauty love. Can't wait to see those meal plans!!

  2. So I'm taking a look at the menu, and I'm wondering: is soup no longer on Fridays?

    1. Yeah no not really. We always do vegetarian on Fridays, but soup fell out of favour for awhile.