Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Study on Foods in America

More specifically, a study on commercial yogurt at a typical grocery store.


because why should you have the real thing when it can come in YOGURT!

probably the most natural looking one. THIS sounds GOOD yo.

It's just...bizarre. 

...and this is only a small selection of a myriad of other odd flavours. Peach cobbler, double chocolate donut flavour (wtf?!). I wanted to try one out of sheer curiosity--can you guess which one...but when I saw the ingredients list, I totally passed. The 36 g of sugar per yogurt cup was pretty off-putting--YIKES.


  1. LOLOLOLOL whaaat?? Double donut??

    You just need to make your own yogurt girl. Does your oven have a light that you can turn on even when the oven is off?

  2. I could do a post like this on crisp (potato chip) flavours in the UK although I don't think anyone actually expects those to be natural.

    Here they have cheesecake-type flavours of yoghurt, so at least they are dairy-based, but most yoghurt is some variation of fruit or honey. Greek yoghurt seems to be a trend, and one that I wholeheartedly endorse!

  3. I was sooooooo amazed (not in the positive sense) at foods in the US the first time I went there. To be completely honest, the first time I ever went into a super Walmart, I got copmpletely overwhelmed and flustered and I had to leave. Way too big, way too much stuff, it was just nuts. WTH DOES DOUBLE DOUGHNUT YOGHURT TASTE LIKE? Naaaaast!