Wednesday, January 23, 2013

berry cups infused with lavender and cardamom

My mom and brother are coming for supper tonight, which they're bringing (lobster ravioli, salad, wine), so I made these delicate desserts this morning.

Fill a 2 c measuring cup with mixed fresh or frozen berries. Pour in whole milk until the fluid volume reaches 1 3/4 c. Add two big tablespoons honey. Dump into a medium pan and heat over medium. Add 1/4 tsp lavender buds and 2 pods cardamom. Prepare unflavoured gelatin according to package instructions. After adding gelatin to the hot mixture, stir constantly till dissolved, then cook another minute or two. Remove cardamom pods and discard. Pour into cute, dainty serving cups (presentation matters!) and chill at least two hours. Serve garnished with fresh mint leaves. You could also use half or entirely rosé wine instead of milk if you prefer (*cough*dairy-free Valentine's day dessert, Sam!*cough*).

Lately I am fascinated with gelatin, cornstarch pudding, and ice cream; how so many of the same flavours, and indeed, almost identical ingredients and proportions, can be "finished" different ways according to the season, availability of equipment, etc. There's a whole world within these three similar dessert categories, and it's fairly simple to translate one form to another! Oh, or to turn any one of them into popsicles (a basic toddler food group). I am also really loving flower infusions. I made lavender and chamomile vanilla puddings yesterday for us to enjoy throughout the week. It's so fresh and summery; the aromas remind me that despite what it feels like, winter will not actually last forever! On that subject, I also ordered flower and vegetable seeds today! Hooray!

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