Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Keep Calm and Make Meyer Lemon and Rosemary Butter Cookies

peace and food.

I'm having a shitty day. I remembered to pack some of these yummies in my lunch today, and I was so happy I did.

I'd heard so much about the mystical meyer lemon in cookbooks, magazines, and the like, but never really came across any in grocery stores. I once saw them in a Martha Stewart cupcake book, and they kind of look preserved? Kinda like jelly? I wasn't sure. 

Anyway. My ignorance was challenged yet again, once I saw the alleged mandarin-and-lemon hybrids at my hippie grocer. 

I followed My Baking Addiction's recipe here, but I used brown sugar, and didn't roll them in sugar. But honestly, the cookies were totally not flavourful enough. I barely tasted the rosemary. I really recommend using the zest of at least 2 lemons, the pulp, and using using two or three times as much rosemary.

They also keep for a while if kept in the fridge. I made them last week, and they still taste as yummy and delish as when first baked. 

enjoy anywhere. anytime. with music and milk.

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  1. YUM! And I knooooow (about the scarcity of those little buggers). There are so many delicious looking jam/jelly/marmalade recipes I want to try with those in there, but when they run you 5$ for like, 6 tiny babies, it becomes kind of a splurge thing for me. Those cookies look f*cking delish. Rosemary and lemon = best combo of life.