Thursday, March 21, 2013

tomatoes in winter (well, technically spring I guess!)

Sometimes, you just need the taste of sunshine in your mouth!

Ketchup, fermenting with kefir whey - the recipe is a mix between that of Beautiful Babies and The Joy of Cooking - strained tomatoes, kefir whey, apple cider vinger, diced red pepper and onion, ground mustard powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper, crushed chillis, a dash of ground cloves, a bit of ground cinnamon, a bit of smoked paprika... excited! Last time I tried fermented ketchup it was the recipe from Nourishing Traditions, which includes fish sauce, and it just got fishier and fishier, ew. I have high hopes for this one, it smells fabulous! It will stay out several days to ferment then go in the fridge.

Cherry tomatoes were on sale, so I have some tomato-basil foccacia rising for my dear Tony.


  1. hmmm girl, please share that foccacia recipe!

  2. Sure thing sugar, it's just a basic pizza dough (yeasted bread dough plus olive oil), rise 2 hours, stretch out 1 inch thick, use your fingers to press down holes (making tears all the way through, they seal up during rising/baking, if you just make indendations they fade as it rises) all over. Plop on some blanched and skinned cherry tomatoes, salt and pepper, basil, and

  3. A very generous amount of oil. Let rise nother hour or two, bake at about 400 till browned and lovely.