Sunday, March 10, 2013

pizza pizza! GF pizza recipe & procedure

me with our salad lettuce, Ambrose pushing Baby Batman in the doll stroller

he's psyched, rightly so!

Tony doing the honours. that's eggplant strips fried in bacon fat with a bit of salt, and some baked bacon, with mozzarella.

my obsession with aeration shows! once we've been served our pieces I always elevate it on a rack to keep the crust crisp.

The crust is a modified version of the soaked gluten-free bread I posted a few days ago - omit the yogurt and add 2 tsp dry active yeast, a good glug of olive oil and 1 tbsp salt at mixing time, let ferment/rise a few hours at least (you won't see much visible rise compared to gluten dough as the grains are nonelastic, but the flavour will develop and the phytic acid should decrease). Don't add anything else later. Do not roll out!

Put a piece of parchment paper on a cookie sheet:

like so (this and the following pictures are another day, another project - crackers, in fact - but the process is the same)

cover it with another piece of parchment paper

put on one more cookie sheet, then get it all on the floor and jump on it! have your kid(s) join in! if you have another adult at home, both of you should hop on!

Take off the top cookie sheet, then carefully roll off the top piece of parchment paper, pulling at the angle shown (do not pull up at a ninety degree angle or it could tear)
And there you have it! A perfectly lovely oval pizza crust with no stress or mess! Maybe sometime I'll take pictures of what will happen if you attempt to roll out GF dough... but not today... it's Sunday... let's just enjoy life and be happy ;)

Bake as usual for pizza (full whack at 500 F; I like to prebake just a bit, about 7 minutes, then slather on tons of sauce, cheese and noms, return to the oven for 15 minutes or so). Bon appetit!

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